Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dip-dyed rope necklace

Today I would like to show you another DIY I came up with yesterday. Of all jewelery there is, necklaces are my favorite things to make and I am guessing there are a lot more necklace DIYs to come. This one was - excluding the time to dry - a fast and easy fix and it will go wonderfully with my summer wardrobe. 

I've put together a little tutorial after the jump, if you would like to try your own....


 To make your own necklace you need:

  • a white cotton rope
  • thin golden chain
  • cord cap with attached clasp and chain
  • golden beads 
  • regular fabric dye of the color of your choice (mine is Marineblau from Simplicol)

1. Cut a 20 cm long piece off the cord 

2. Fold it in half and dip the end with the loop into the dye for about 2 minutes. 

3. Place the cord over a glass and let it dry for several hours (mine took 2 hours to dry)

4. Stitch the golden beads to one side of the rope with as much or as little space in between as you like

5. Glue the ends of the rope to the cord caps and let dry overnight

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