Saturday, May 5, 2012

Leather bow hair tie

Today I would like to show you how you can craft a cute little bow on a hair tie out of leather scraps. For this hair accessory you don't need a sewing machine; just glue, leather, a hole punch, waxed cotton cord and a hair tie. Follow the instructions after the jump to make your own bow.


Für alle, denen ihr 0815-Haargummi zu langweilig ist, kommt hier ein kleines Tutorial. Man braucht dafür keine Nähmaschine, nur Lederreste, Kleber, eine Lochzange, gewachste Baumwollkordel und ein Haargummi. Und es geht los...

Als erstes wird die Schablone ausgedruckt/Print the template first: Leather Bow Template 
  1. Print the template and cut out the three pieces needed. Place them on your leather, trace them and cut them out.
2. With the hole punch, punch two holes in the little square, one in the winged piece and three in the bow piece like shown below.
 3. String the pieces on your wax cord, stringing the winged piece first, them the folded bow piece and lastly the little square through one hole. Come back through the other hole like you would sew on a button.
 4. Tie the bow to your hair tie of choice. If it is too loose, fix the bow into position with a little dab of glue under each side of the bow. 
 I hope my instructions are understandable and help you to create your own bow. I embellished mine with little golden nails, meant for wood decoration. 
If you trie it, I would love to see the results. 


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