Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pretty AND Handy: Jewelry Organizers

I will have to think about another way to storage my jewelry soon. It's stacked now around the neck of my dress form but it gets a little too much lately. Scouting the blogs I like, I found a vast selection of different ways to store and display jewlery. Check it out here:

A nice way to display necklaces is to hang them on a simple wooden board with different kinds of knobs. via here

Another option is screwing lots of handles and knobs on a board that is wrapped with pretty fabric. via here

 This looks really pretty as well, but might only be suitable for a small collection of necklaces. via here

Put them on a branch. Either on a little stand like here, or simply screw a branch to your wall or wardrobe. via here

One of my favorite options might just be this jewelry wall, found on a pair and a spair. It displays all the nice things you have in the most endearing way.

Still have to decide which kind of jewelry organizer I'm gonna attempt do DIY. 


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