Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY this: Cloud Print Potholders

Today I would like to share with you a tutorial about how to make your own potholders. Including printing your own fabric - totally from scratch, so to say. It took me about 2.5 hours in total to make them, excluding the time to let your paint dry. The potholders now hang in my kitchen and are actually a little too pretty to use. To make your own potholder-wall-decoration, just follow my simple tutorial. Aaaaaand, here we go:

What you need:
  •  4 squares of fabric ( I used two colors and the squares are 20x20 cm)
  • 1 square of thick plastic or carton paper (also 20x20 cm)
  • 2 squares of volume fleece (this is gonna be the filling, also 20x20 cm)
  • Fabric paint (I used silver and black metallic)
  • Any shape you want to use (I used a cloud cookie cutter)
  • Bias tape (enough to edge the border plus making a hanger)
  • a sponge brush
  • some tape

See the full tutorial after the break 

 Now follow these steps:

1. On your plastic or carton paper, trace the outline of your shape. Instead of a cookie cutter you could also use any kind of shape cut out of thick carton.

2. To make your own template, cut out the shapes with a x-acto knife or scissors.

 3. Place one of your fabric squares on the table, lay the template on top and tape everything down to prevent the squares from slipping.

4. Dab the fabric paint on your fabric with the help of a foam brush. Make sure you dab on the paint evenly.

5. Let the paint dry and follow the instructions on your paint package on how to fixate the paint on the fabric ( I had to iron the fabric pieces for a while).

6. Pin together two fabric squares and the volume fleece in the middle. Make sure you put in pins all the way around to prepare the potholders for sewing.

 7. Cut a 10 cm piece from your bias tape and fold it like you see in the picture above. Sew across the bias tape. This will be your hanger.

 8. Sew around your squares about 0.5 cm from the edge. Stop about 10 cm befor meeting your sewing starting point.

8. Place the folded hanger on the corner like you see in the picture above. Keep sewing over the hanger to fix it.

9. Now to the bias tape. Cut a slit in the middle of the bias tape in the size of the hanger and slip it over the hanger. 

10. Edge the potholders all the way around with the bias tape. The corners can be a little tricky; try to fold the corners like you see in the picture above.

 11. Enjoy your brand new crafted-from-scratch potholders!

The potholders can be done in all sorts of colors. Use for example neon bias tape or skip the fabric paint and use a colorful bought fabric. I've put together a little collage for you with potholders and kitchen towels for your inspiration. How about those little cupcakes? Maybe you're crafty enough to make a template out of these.


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