Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY it: Stamp and Sew Your Own Pillow Cases

One of my favorite things to DIY are pillow cases. A new set of pillows can change the look of your couch and even the whole room in minutes. My latest pillows are all made from scratch, including the design and stamping the prints. They are all pretty simple to sew with no zippers and endless possibilities of stamping different designs. In this post I'd like to show you the different pillows and explain how I made the design. 

The dotted circles print is made with fabric paint and the eraser on the back of a pencil. Just dab the eraser into the fabric paint (I've put a little paint on a plate)  and dot around circles of different sizes you've drawn on the pillow case before with a compass.

I used the same technique with the eraser on this pillow case. Be sure to draw the circles with the compass before, it never works if you try to dab on the circles without any guiding lines.

I made this pillow case with blue and silver fabric paint and a cork. Dissolve a little bit of the blue dye in water and dip in the fabric about half. Add more water and dip again about three quarters. Let dry completely. Spread a little silver fabric paint on a plate and dab the cork in the paint. Use the cork to paint polka dots on your pillow case.

I carved my own stamp for this one. You can get special stamp rubber in the craft store that comes in various sizes. To carve the stamp I printed out the flower design    (I found it in photoshop) and pressed the rubber against the image. The image transfers lightly onto the rubber and makes it easy for you to carve out the design. For carving I used linocut knives. Once the stamp is done you just dab it in fabric paint and print away.

The fabric for this cloudy pillow is some left over fabric I dyed in the same technique than my pants in this post. Just follow the directions of the pants post to dye your fabric. 

To sew the pillow cases I've prepared a little tutorial for you. Let me know in the comments if you have any further questions. 

And now I wish you a pleasant time while stamping and sewing your brand new pillow cases.


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