Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY this: Spray Paint your Lamps

I know, I'm a little late to jump on the copper bandwagon but after I found a copper spraypaint at my favorite craft store I just had to turn something in my appartment copper. The best victim turned out to be the little pink lamp on my kitchen table. So I taped off everything I didn't wanna be copper and wrapped the post with paper. My spraypaint is by Montana and is called Gold Acrylic Professional Spray Paint. I didn't have to prime with white first and only needed one layer. If your spraypaint isn't that strong, I recommend priming colored lamps with white first. Spray evenly in a well ventilated area, or outside if you can.

Any of these lamps should also be easily spraypaintable. Maybe even with a neon edge, in a lovely pastel color or a matte black.

Another lamp that I've spraypainted recently is my desk lamp. It was silver before but it fit better in my color concept in gold. And it turned out great, it really looks like I bought it this way.

Happy spraying!

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