Thursday, July 18, 2013

Easy DIY: Update dressers with colorful knobs

An easy way to update dressers or make fancy jewelry racks are colorful and fun shaped furniture knobs. Here in Berlin you may find a great selection on fleamarkets or home decoration stores such as Zara Home. I've updated two dressers already with colorful knobs I found for 2€ piece on the fleamarket. Just keep your eyes open and collect all sorts of knobs to create projects like the ones below. 
Also the internet is always a great source for all kinds of odds you might be looking for- therefore it comes to no suprise that I found a beautiful collection of knobs in the ArtAndMore onlineshop (as shown in the image above).

image via Home edit

Top image via LoveThisPic, bottom image via Home Edit


  1. Oh, this is so clever and pretty. I've got a dresser that could use a pop of color. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Such a small change with huge impact.


  3. Your post also gives me the freedom to design and create my own by keeping my eyes open for unusual/similar shaped objects I find at estate sales and thrift stores. I am rehabbing a hutch and was so disappointed in the selection of nobs I found so I am painting and covering some wood ones, but now that I see your page... I am going to start collecting things specifically for this purpose now!

    THANKS for your artsy self at SITSSharefest this week!

  4. Gorgeous! I love this idea!
    New friend visiting from SITS :)


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