Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quick Fix: Neon Star Sweatshirt

Today I'd like to show you how I turned a plain grey sweatshirt into a trendy piece with just a little sewing.

What you need:
  • Sweatshirt (similiar to this)
  • Neon thread ( I used this one)
  • Thick cotton fabric
  • Paper and pen

Draw a star on a piece of paper and cut it out. Place it on your piece of cotton and trace it with your pen. Cut out the star and leave about 1 cm around the edges for seam allowance. Hem the edges of the star if you wish with a zigzag stitch.

Place your cotton star on the left (inside) of your sweatshirt and secure it with a couple of pins. Thread your neon thread into your sewing machine. Then trace the star which your marked with your pen on the cotton in a zigzag stitch. 

To make the neon a little more prominent, I also traced the outline of the collar with the neon thread.

Now you try it! Only takes about half an hour and instantly makes your sweater a lot more fun. It would of course also work with a heart, lightning, diamond shape or anything you wish that has easy lines to trace with your sewing machine.

Happy DIYing!


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