Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Project: a DIY Key Chain Tassle

The DIY this week is a big key chain that makes finding your key in your bag so much easier. Because of the specific feel of the leather tassles you'll find your key easily by just rummaging around in your bag until it falls into your hand. Tried and tested by me, really works perfectly. I've supplied various friends with the tassle key chain now and they all say the same.

What you'll need:
  • Piece of leather (fake or real)
  • little golden nails
  • a glue gun or any other strong glue
  • golden spray paint (optional)
  • nailpolish (optional)

First, cut your piece of leather into a 10 cm by 30 cm rectangle.

 Since my fake leather didn't have a nice back, I spraypainted it first white, then golden to make it prettier. You can skip this step if you wish or use any other color (neon would also work great).

After your spraypaint has dried, mark your rectangle with a line at 3 cm (see picture above). The cut your tassles in evenly strips until you have a 3 cm wide strip to role it up an 7 cm long tassles. 

 Cut a pice of leather thats 1 cm wide and 9 cm long. Fold it in half and glue together the  tip of the strip (the bottom 3 cm that will be hidden inside your tassle). Place the strip on your leather rectangle and glue it to the very edge like in the picture above.

The next thing you do is glueing your 3 cm wide section of your rectangle and start rolling it up until you reach the end of your rectangle. Place a rubber band around your tassle and let dry for a few hours. 

 To embellish your tassle, push four golden nails in along the seam.

If your wish, finish the edge on top with some nailpolish as shown in the picture above.

Let dry and enjoy your brand new key chain tassle!


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