Friday, January 31, 2014

Living | Black and White

via mydubio

Trends in interior decoration change just as fast as trends in fashion. Neon, copper and now marble are all over pinterest and the blogosphere. But just as fashion has its little black dress, interior deco also has an evergreen: black and white. There are whole blogs dedicated to this color scheme that feature only images where black and white are the predominant colors. 

One of those blogs is April and May. I follow this blog since quite some time now and I'm always astonished that the black/white/neutrals theme doesn't get old. Once you're at it, you should also check out their shop. Here they sell lovely home decoration like vases, pillows, plaids..... all in, yup you guessed it, blacks/whites/greys/neutrals.

A Merry Mishap is another blog that I've been following on Bloglovin since some years now.Scrolling through this blog always inspire me to reduce color in my own home.

I dicovered Joyce's Blog MyDubio just recently, when her Instagram account got recommended as "people to watch" by She's got great taste and posts regularly about fashion, interior and lifestyle topics - all in monochomatic black&white.

via April&May
Inspired by all the color scheme, I put together a little collage with some lovely items to decorate your home with.

1.White vase 2. Golden vase 3. Lamp shade 4. Geometric pillow 5. Star pillow 6. Fur carpet 7. Chair


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