Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pallet DIY: Kitchen Shelf for Spices and Kitchenware

Today's tutorial has been in the works for a really long time. It's also finished since quite a while but I just haven't gotten around to posting it. What a shame. But now I'll finally show you how I created extra storage in my kitchen for spice jars, spatulas and pot holders.
The pallet I used for this project I found on the street. There is a copy shop right at the corner that always puts out these pallets onto the street at night. In my opinion, what's been put on the street is free to take so I took one home with me. 
I added hooks and ledges and hung it up on the wall.
Here is the full how-to:

What you need
  • a wooden pallet 
  • sanding paper (coarse and fine)
  • white paint and brushes
  • hooks
  • magnetic knife holder (from Ikea)
  • wooden ledges for spice jars (cut in the length of the pallet)
  • a metal flowerpot with a hook
1. Hammer in all nails that might stick out so you don't hurt yourself when sanding

2. Sand your pallet with the coarse sanding paper first, then finish with a finer sanding paper

3. I then painted my pallet with white wood paint. But you could also you any other color. How about petrol blue or mint green? 

4. I added three wooden ledges, a magnetic knife holder and 6 white hooks. Plus a metal flowerpot for pens and scissors.

I'm using the pallet/shelf thingy since a couple months now and I love it! I think you should invest in some nice spice jars when they are displayed prominently like this.

Have fun crafting!



  1. awww yes, step by step pictures.

  2. this is so doable! thanks for the post!

  3. There seems to be no end to the uses people can find for pallets. I thought they were just for moving things around warehouses, or bonfires. I've seen pallet furniture, bookshelves, wall decorations, and many other reuses.

    Paul |


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