Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pastel Delight: Alex Proba's 'A Poster A Day' Project

One of the blogs I follow with great anticipation is Miss Moss by Diana. She has incredible taste and always finds the most unique graphic designers, home interor decoration pieces or fashion items.
She's done so again the other day when she featured the work of Alex Proba, a German graphic designer who now lives in New York. Proba's private project that she works on every night before she goes to bed is "a poster a day". She has made it her goal to create one poster each day for one year. She uploads each poster she'd made to her tumbler. I must really say I love all of them! The colors she uses, the mix between photos, textures, graphic elements and pastel hues are stunning. How good would a collection of these look on my living room wall!

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